The premise of smart clothes—battery

Carbon nanotube ‘twistron’ yarn generates electricity when stretched


What is the smart clothes?  The  smart clothes are used not only for covering your body, but also for many other kinds of uses.

  • as MP3 player and mobile phone
  • the keyboard that can be washed
  • show your body temperature and heat
  • keep you from getting lost with GPS
  • and so on ......You can imagine it freely!

Everyone wants smart clothes, but no one wants to wear a battery pack.  Researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas have created a power-generating yarn from woven carbon nanotubes now.

This twistron yarn is strong, flexible and acts as a supercapacitor to boot.

Well, the thing is, the twistron needs to be soaked in electrolytes to work. Your sweat maybe can as electrolytes ?

Of course, they are ready for a solid-state electrolyte——that can ba encapsulated the twistron and lets it generate power without being bathed in the stuff.

After tests, this trickle of power would be more than enough for low frequency applications!

Another use case they tested was motion in the ocean. (Maybe that is its main job)

They might ultimately be able to harvest the enormous amount of energy available from ocean waves!


  • I say, technology is really diverse.
  • Whether the technology can be extended depends on whether the cost is low enough!
  • However, we all want to see more technology that can improve our lives!