Who protect you against hallucinations

How your mind protects you against hallucinations


More than 300 years ago, there was a disturbing question: If our senses can’t always be trusted, how can we separate illusion from reality?

Now, we find our brain keeps tabs on reality by constantly questioning its own past expectations and beliefs.

This also shows that you mybe suffer from schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders if your hallucinations is not againsted by cerebellum.

Yes, the cerebellum is important for us to constantly question ourselves.

The findings confirm that, when it comes to how we perceive the world, our ideas and beliefs can easily overpower our senses, Powers(study author and Yale psychiatrist) says. The work also suggests that the cerebellum is a key checkpoint against this distortion, he adds.

The purpose of the study is to detect psychosis in advance.

How to protect cerebellum?

Walk, Retrograde, Give up smoking and drinking, Eat more fish head, etc.

Retrograde is a preconditioning training, which can promote the cerebellum to establish new synapses.

Give up smoking and drinking, you known, it is important for your health.

Eat more antioxidant food can relieve brain fatigue!


  • Please keep a regular routine!
  • Good health is more important than anything!
  • A reasonable meal is necessary!
  • Wishing you the Best of health!