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The true-weird and the dreadful “large”: post millennium American horror literature


。。。。。Well, I didn′t understand it at all. There are too many technical terms.

In a word, this article aims to open an argument over the “Nature” and the “Being” in the context of American horror literature, and how it transmutes the genre expectations of the canon. The literature axial to the Large is the “true-weird”—says Lovecraft, dealing with a “defeat” of human rationality against the assaults of chaos.

This article argues that the resultant “world-without-us” speaks of “the negative without any positive”—a concept beyond concept, that is also the genesis of sentient consciousness.


The other becomes the true other in the sense that it forfeits hostility in favour of a verity of chaos, a dominion of entropy. A glimpse of it might mean madness or obliteration—not because it is hostile , but because it is beyond cognition.


  • The horror literature mainly creates an unknown and chaotic atmosphere.
  • Beyond cognition
  • This article amounts to a record.